The City

You may find that in some ways The City is a lot like our own world, but everything in the world of A Superhero Story is a bit more colorful and a lot more is possible.

In the not-so-distant past, The City was ripe with virtuous and iconic superheroes that banded together to fend off all crime and super-villainy that arose to threaten the well-being of the people. Now, the world has changed, and the once beloved heroes of The City have been replaced by a peace-keeping task force known as The Patrol.

With this new outlawing of vigilantes, the Academy, once a stepping stone to becoming a City Champion, has also seemingly lost its purpose. What does this mean for its up and coming students?

The Academy – An educational institute and training facility for the lucky few who possess great powers, skill or talent. While it used to be the training ground and stepping stone to becoming a full-fledged licensed Champion, it is now used solely for educational purposes.

The Patrol – A government-regulated task force made up of various groups of Agents each assigned to a specific district of The City. Equipped with guns, tasers and batons, The Patrol is responsible for halting all crime or misconduct and detaining all active vigilantes.

The Arch-Villains Guild – Once a much-feared and infamous organization of united super-villains bent on control and domination, popular consensus now is that they have all been halted due to the effectiveness of The Patrol, as there has been no super-villain sightings as of recent.

The Fearless Five – A once revered group of Champions that acted as resident guardians of The City.  They have since disbanded, although rumor has it not all of these heroes has called it quits.

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