What is A Superhero Story about?
“A Superhero Story” takes place in a world rich with superhero lore and follows two students, The Beacon and Techno G, who are on a quest to become true heroes in a world that no longer relies on them. They strive to reach this dream as they attempt to battle crazy villains, forge new alliances, and finally find themselves in the midst of an adventure as grand as the City itself… If you’d like to learn more, you’ll just have to watch!

What exactly is a web series?
A web series is basically like an episodic show you would see on television, only it’s available on the internet for convenient instant streaming. Because they are on the web as instant content, they are able to be watched via streaming or as a download. This makes them “viral” in nature, able to be easily accessed and shared. Typically, episodes in a web series are much shorter than they would be on television, but usually still build as a bigger, over-arching story across the span of the season.

What are webisodes?
A “webisode” is just a fancy and hip way of describing an episode of a web series or viral site that is able to be viewed or downloaded via the internet. (Those darned kids and their slang!!)

Why was A Superhero Story imagined as a web series in particular?
Rather than telling our story through a different medium, such as a short film, for instance, we ultimately decided to do A Superhero Story as a web series because we are confident in the story and immersive world we have imagined, and want to remain as intimate creative forces behind the project. Web series typically are able to be free from studio commercialism, so the creators or writers of the web series usually retain creative control, and that’s what we wanted. Also, because technology now is so convenient and free flowing, it is now much easier to put our content up on the web so it can be instantly streamed and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, and it’s also totally free! Woo!

What is the tone of this superhero web series?
The overall feel of the series is a pretty interesting blend of comedy, mixed with dramatic plots and character-driven arcs. The series will remain very loose and colorful, showcasing an imaginative world, fun characters, and a dynamic, inter-woven plot that balances the elements of light-hearted humor with action, suspense and mystery. This creates a very unique style, as it treads the line of comedy and drama.

Why did you decide to do the “A Superhero Story” series as an action – comedy?
For one thing, we felt that the vast majority of other web series out there were almost completely dominated by characters talking to each other overly-dramatically with static camera shots and little movement. They didn’t keep our attention for long. (We may also have ADD, but that’s a whole different issue…) We wanted to have fun, dynamic action from not only the characters, but from interesting camera movements as well. It’s just more fun and interesting! Plus, you can’t very well have a fun story involving superheroes that sit around sipping tea all day.

What kind of universe does A Superhero Story create?
You may find that in some ways The City is a lot like our own world, but everything in the world of A Superhero Story is a bit more colorful and a lot more is possible. The things the characters are able to do in this world are bigger, but so is the action and the circumstances the characters find themselves in. (Not to mention, most of the characters are abnormally pun-savvy…)

What makes this web series unique?
A Superhero Story is a very unique web series because of its constant attention to quality. These days, it is very easy to film something and upload it to the web within seconds. As a result, many viral videos, especially web series, are very poor quality. With the “A Superhero Story” team, our mission is to make the most professional and quality web series we possibly can. This includes all areas of production, from strong, character-driven writing, to innovative cinematography, to its own original score. All in all, we seek to raise the bar for all web based media.

What are the creators of this web series like?
“Cory Yee and David Penner met in theater in High School and have been writing partners ever since. In the midst of their many projects, one particular vision of theirs continued to resurface: Superheroes. Initially, Cory Yee directed the “A Superhero Story” short as his thesis project for film school, and together with David Penner, created the vast, comedic world and characters that have been continuously developed and re-imagined ever since. Now, with the help of a talented cast and crew, they continue this vision with the creation of A Superhero Story: The Web Series.”

What other films or shows inspired you to create A Superhero Story?
We were always big fans of the superhero comedy Mystery Men, as well as other comedies like South Park and The Office. (We’re also big Marvel fans.) Particular shows that influenced us in a huge way are LOST and Firefly.

What’s so great about superheroes, anyway?
What’s not to like? They look cool and hit things! (Plus, they’re not vampires! Yay!!) Actually, the creators, Dave and Cory, have always been fans of superheroes and wanted to do something creative with superheroes in film. There are plenty of things already out there within the superhero genre, but not with the same style of comedy and visual storytelling that A Superhero Story has. Beyond that, however, A Superhero Story is first and foremost a tale about two friends and their journey together…It just so happens these friends also have neato abilities to shoot stuff and things!!

How long is each webisode (or episode)?
Each episode will be 8-10 minutes long.

Most episodes in web series are short. Why are these ones so long?
Rather than tell just one larger story in fragmented pieces for each episode, we decided we wanted the viewer to experience a full story arc in each episode, ultimately leading up to a larger whole similar to an episode on TV. It’s a bit tough to achieve a lasting beginning and end with a running time of three minutes.

How many episodes are there going to be in season 1?
Season 1 will be a 12 episode-long story.

Is A Superhero Story free to stream and download on the web?
Heck yes!

How does A Superhero Story get funding?
The unfortunate downside to telling our story as a web series is that we don’t have a giant studio to back us or to buy us shiny things. Nonetheless, our goal is to bring you the most quality web series we can. To do this, however, we need your support to keep it alive! If you enjoy what we bring to you in our episodes, consider donating…you can win cool stuff by doing it! …No, for realsies! Check out the Donations page!

Are there any future plans in the works for this web series after season 1?
There are constantly more plans and ideas in the back of our minds for stories we would love to tell, but for right now, we are concentrating on bringing you the full epic story of season 1. If we get that far, you can count on there being plenty more in store!

I like this series. Is there any way I can help promote it?
Definitely. Even if you can’t donate any money, the biggest way you can help is by spreading the word, whether through word of mouth, on Facebook or Twitter, or by throwing up a link to our site on the web: www.asuperherostory.com

How can I stay connected to A Superhero Story?
The best way to stay connected to A Superhero Story is to “LIKE” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Doing this will allow us to keep you updated about new content, info, or upcoming events. We will also have contests and free stuff exclusively for our Facebook and Twitter followers. (‘Cus we’re cool like that.)
We’re also looking into a smart phone ap!

If you’re still hanging out on this page reading this…congrats on completing the reading of my obscenely and unnecessarily long FAQ. Hats off to you kind sir! Or kind ma’am. …Or just mild tempered ma’am.

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