Episode 1

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15 Responses to Episode 1

  1. pamela Penner says:

    Loved the first episode!! Can’t wait to see the next!

  2. Emily Hone says:

    Wooooooohooooo!! Very nice work, guys!! Good stuff =)

  3. Jerry Ford says:

    Very well done! Good professional camera work.

  4. tiffany chin says:

    awesome! nice cliff hanger. can’t wait until to see the next one.

  5. Keiko Sakamoto says:

    So Nice!! I like it. I want to see the next episode soon!!

  6. Sarah K says:

    I totally dig it! Great job on everything!
    Ps… It’s always entertaining to see the Penner house blow up! Lol

  7. Blake Deezy! says:

    Epic! Amazing!

  8. Tim Balko says:

    Great first episode!!! Congrats everyone!!!

  9. Dan says:

    What is the threat? I have to know! You can’t leave me hanging like that post episode 2!

    P.S. Really cool you got daniel radcliffe in your film!

  10. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  11. Ron says:

    Awesome job and just think I use to babysit SuperHero

  12. W. Reed Moran says:

    This is great!!
    No kidding… the production values, acting, and — the writing and tone of the series are all spectacular.

    I love the smart, wry humor… so hard to do, especially within a genre that’s been worked over to death.
    The warm feelings we have towards the characters pull us through, and makes us see them as unique characters reacting to the insanity of “normal” life.

  13. lorraine donahue - grandmother, to you says:

    I liked it! I especially liked viewing the handsome super hero.

  14. Blake says:

    Brilliant.. simply brilliant

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