It is our personal goal to bring you the best possible quality web series we can, but it takes more than just our imagination and hard work to make it happen. If you’d like to see this series come to life, we need your help! Donating any amount at all will help us in our mission to bring you Superhero action!

$5 – Strapped for cash, but want to contribute? Even $5 dollars can help feed a crew member for the day.
$10 – $10 may not sound like much, but it can help keep our website hosted for a whole month!
$25 – Contributing $25 can pay for craft service (drinks and snacks) for a day or help pay for catering for something hopefully better than just pizza!
$50 – This amount could pay for a couple lights on set, such as the Kino-Flo 2ft 2 bank. Good lighting is essential for setting the right tone and getting the best picture quality possible.
$100 – $100 can pay for getting shooting locations, getting props, or for other items needed to make the movie magic.
$250 – This can contribute to paying our hired actors or crew members for a shoot. It takes plenty of combined man power to make it all come together.
$500 – This can pay for the costumes…custom tights and spandex aren’t cheap you know!
$1000 – All kinds of equipment rentals could be covered here…Audio mixers, Lights, Camera accessories…you name it!
$5000 – With $5000 you can help bring us visual effects, post sound mixing, editing, and even music scoring!
$10,000 – Well, at this point you’re pretty much paying for an entire episode. We will be eternally grateful!

Once again, we’d really like to emphasize that these are just suggested amounts…any amount you wish, and we mean ANY amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you SO much for your support! Be sure to check the News section regularly to stay updated with us on our financial progress.

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