David Penner

As: The Beacon

Paul Romero

As: Techno G

Jeff Ahern

As: Professor Thompson

Kamila Korz

As: Seductivolt

Candice Nunes

As: Allison Bridges

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Candice first started acting at the age of 4 on South Africa’s number 1 children’s television show, Kideo. After five and a half great years, Candice left the show and moved to the United States with her family. As a young girl growing up in Katy, Texas, Candice participated in theater and choir, both in and out of school. Candice continued acting in college at The University of Texas at Austin and was cast in various student and professional projects. After graduating college in May 2010, with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film and a Certificate in Business, Candice moved to Los Angeles, to pursue acting professionally. Since being in LA Candice has been featured on Lie To Me (FOX), Glory Daze (TBS) and The Whole Truth (ABC), as well as numerous commercial campaigns. Apart from being in A Superhero Story, which she is very excited about, Candice is currently involved in the play Little Women, in which she plays Meg, at the Magic Mirror Theater in the Noho Atrs District.

Andrew Buehler

As: Tracy Morris


Cory Yee

Position: Director, Producer, Editor, Writer, Visual Effects


David Penner

Position: Writer, Producer, Sound Design, Marketing


Tomm Jacobsen

Position: Director of Photography, Camera Operator

So I hate writing these things. But I’ll give it a try. Tomm grew up in a small Florida town. he lived his life on the beach with little or no ambition at all. Until a freak explosion at a local camera shop fused his body with the different components and doodads. Making him a living camera. Now years later he puts his powers to marginally good use working with Kids In Capes, to ensure you never have to watch a crappy looking web series again. True story.

Marcelo Chow

Position: First Assistant Director

Taylor Moe

Position: Production Designer

Taylor Moe is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, California. He has been making movies all of his life and doesn’t foresee that changing anytime soon. Taylor specializes in Production Design, Sound Design and Directing.

His passion for these departments comes from a deep love of creating worlds. Taylor loves being able to show audiences new and exciting things they’ve never seen before. Because of this, perhaps, he has developed a strong fondness of Sci-Fi’s, Fantasies, Historical films, and of course, superhero movies. Beyond the realm of filmmaking, Taylor has a passion for other creative art forms including music, blacksmithing, and woodworking. He is always looking to expand his skills and eagerly grasps at opportunities to learn new art forms.

Noah Alexander

Position: Production Sound Mixer


You think the deadliest catch are crabs in icy water? Try catching audio while super heros are blowing up a tax evaders house!