About the Series:

“A Superhero Story” takes place in a mythological world not unlike our own and follows two Academy students, The Beacon and Techno G, who are on a quest to become true heroes in a world that no longer relies on them. They strive to reach this dream as they attempt to battle crazy villains, forge new alliances, and finally find themselves in the midst of a mystery as grand as the City itself!

A Superhero Story seeks to raise the bar for web-based media. The series will showcase an imaginative world, colorful characters, and a dynamic plot that balances the elements of light-hearted humor with action, suspense and mystery. Want to know more? Just watch!!

Welcome to the wondrous world of A Superhero Story!

About the Creators:

Cory Yee and David Penner met in theater in High School and have been writing partners ever since. In the midst of their many projects, one particular vision of theirs continued to resurface: Superheroes. Initially, Cory Yee directed the “A Superhero Story” short as his thesis project for film school, and together with David Penner, created the vast, comedic world and characters that have been continuously developed and re-imagined ever since.

Now, with the help of a talented cast and crew, they continue this vision with the creation of A Superhero Story: The Web Series. Hopefully with your help, we can continue to raise the bar of web-based media and make this series one for the record books!

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About Kids In Capes Productions:

Kids In Capes productions is a film production company founded by series creators David Penner & Cory Yee in 2010 to produce A Superhero Story and shorts for the sketch comedy group Vaudevillians Comedy. Kids In Capes hopes to grow to be able to produce and fund many more up and coming independent film projects.

Contact us: info@kidsincapes.com

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